Friday, January 16, 2009


Songfest in my mind
Starting deep within my center, below my heart,
Deep within my gut,
Primal, like the appeal of the dance of stars in the heavens,
Sparks from the campfire, all lighting my soul-fire.

Satisfying, on so many levels, the
Sounds building, turning into rhythms, melodies--
Some reaching me from untold generations before me,
Some new to this time, and some to be sung to those after me—
All resonating, reaching into my soul,
Satiating my hunger, my longing for
Connection, affirmation,
Blessed assurance.

I ponder why some melodies, old as the hills, just feel good,
Just feel as if I finally arrived home, once lost, but now I’m found,
Poetry, in notes and words, feeling as though I’m being rocked
In the chair by the fire, held by loving arms, safe from the world,
At last.

The answer, my friend, is written in the wind,
The answer is written in the wind.

In the deep of the woods, awaking from winter’s snows, river roaring nearby,
The wood-song and the river-song sing in deep harmony, as our group of voices
Find our source, our common threads, our unison.
Strangers at first, we find community in song, notes and rhythm, and harmony
And all the other words, all not really expressing

It is, after all, communion we are all seeking,
In all its richness, in all its diversity, in all of its empowerment,
Turning sound and song into the fire
Which kindles our spirits into the light,
The universal light
From which we are all made, and to which we are drawn,
Re-newing, re-lighting, re-forming,

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