Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day

Dear Son:

Today is Father's Day, though I celebrate fatherhood every day.

I have not given you my genes, my DNA. Yet, in deeper ways than the ways of biology, we are father and son. We have shared in your experiences of being raised up to be a man, to find your way in this complicated world. And, I celebrate who you are, and who you have become. I celebrate and honor your journey into manhood. You have done yourself proud. And, I applaud you, every single day. Well done.

Having you in my life has raised me up so I can fully be a father, and fully be aware of my gifts, and my struggles to completely experience my father-ness.

And, in doing that, I am more complete, I am more whole.

I am more of a man, and more of a human be-ing.

Without you in my life, I could not have lived and be living a life so rich and complete. Without you, I would have missed some of the best parts of my journey in life so far.

So, I celebrate fatherhood not just this day, but every day, in every waking moment. And, in doing so, I celebrate and treasure having you in my life.

Without you, I would not be who I am today.

With all my love,


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