Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Esther

It's Bastille Day and Aunt Esther's Birthday.

So, get out in the garden, enjoy a flower, paint a picture, read a challenging book, plan a trip, make some tea and talk about life, celebrate the day, have a spiritual moment, visit with a friend and have a meaningful conversation.

Celebrate a woman who earned a Master's Degree in business in the 1920s, essentially ran the Great Northern Railroad for a number of years in the 30s (executive secretary to the president of the railroad), ran a dairy farm, and built her own house from scratch with a pile of lumber and a table saw.

Honor a woman who taught herself anything she wanted to learn (playing the organ, oil painting, Chinese antiques, landscaping, Buddhism, etc etc.).

Celebrate the life of the first Buddhist in Beaver and enjoy life!

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