Sunday, November 29, 2009

River Walk

“Let your eyes see God everywhere. Give up fears and expectations. The Friend, the Beloved, your Soul is a River with the trees and buds of the world reflected in it. And, it’s no illusion!

"The reflections are real, real images through which God is made real for you. This River Water is an orchard that fills your basket. Be splashed!

"But not all flowings are the same. Different donkeys take different loads and different persuasion sticks. One principle does not apply to all rivers.”


I walk along the river, watching its current, deep, and cold. In the deepness, the movement of the current is hidden, almost, and only a few swirls on the surface hinted at its depth, its power.

And, then, I walk further, and come upon a great falls. The power of the river comes to life, the mirror of the surface breaking into thousands of rapids and waves, and then, cascades over a great basaltic cliff, falling, crashing, roaring. The river moves down and becomes nearly air and mist and white light, until, deep in the canyon, it turns back into its old self, deep, cold, again hiding its power, its light.

I move on, splashed.

Neal Lemery 11/09

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