Saturday, June 19, 2010


He is in his zone, his space
dancing up and down the fret board
fingers moving, dancing
his soul playing now, chord to chord.

In each song, he leaves us
sliding sweetly into his own reverie,
the Muse at work, again
calling him into its embrace.

There is much more in this dance
the chords and frets, and the knowing of the music.
Spirit comes and together, they

Together, in a long embrace,
wood and metal, and flesh, combine
a blur in the late light of the day
electrons spinning, singing their melody.

Soul and Spirit, together more than song,
entering their own world, far away
from my own dance, inside my heart—
they play, and romp through the rainbow
they have, together,

Time itself, transformed,
mind moves to its own dimension
transfixed, transposed
by their song.

Neal Lemery 6/19/20

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