Saturday, January 1, 2011

Actions for the Year Ahead

• Honor the artist within me. Pay attention to the Muse, who is around me, and heed the Muse’s call. Take time each day to be quiet, thoughtful, and listen. Take time to create.

• Always have a good book, or other good writing around to enjoy, to savor. Be fully aware of what I read.

• Be open to new ideas, and be able to objectively consider my own point of view, and, perhaps, reconsider and change my ideas and opinions. Don’t be afraid to grow.

• Treat relationships as sacred. Honor them. Give them time and give them air to breathe.

• Work well, efficiently, and with passion.

• Honor the Golden Rule: treat others as I would like to be treated.

• Hone my spirituality, and keep this at the center of my life.

• Live with love in my heart: love of others, of nature, of self.

• Be quick in compassion, slow in judging.

• Spend 10 minutes a day on working towards my long term goals.

• Ignore the frivolous, the inconsequential.

• Mentor others, show them by example.

• Celebrate accomplishments, don’t overvalue disappointments.

• Take time for the unexpected.

• Find pleasure in simple things.

• Stop to smell the flowers.

• Declutter my life, my relationships, my to do lists.

• Savor each moment and live each moment fully, passionately.

• Hand someone else the tool they need, and pick up the tab for coffee.

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