Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turning Fifty Nine

The wheel of the calendar
keeps turning
each experience, each day
new opportunities
growth, change, or
spinning idly, or hiding away--
choices, always choices
and, I realize now,
always mine to make.
Where I go, what I do,
who I want to be
mine to make, 
to grow, or to die, 
all mine to make.
Looking back, lessons learned
many, to repeat 
to learn again
until I get it, finally,
and move on.
Today, the wheel turns again,
again at the top, ready for yet another
year, another
of what I can do, 
who I can be,
and where I want to go.
Each day, a gift
to be opened, to be used,
the how is always mine to choose.
The where and when and why 
is left to the Universe
in all its wisdom.
This day is yet another number, 
another turn of my own calendar
another cog in the wheel of this life
moving ahead, as sure as the sun 
rising on this day
this day that is mine to live.
--Neal Lemery, 2/28/2012

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