Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Best

The Best

We had only this day
And, today, the eagle lovers gazed as us from their tree
As the tide turned, the rain moved in, and we shared their world—
For only this day.

We had only this day
So, my friend took me on a trip to see
Three rivers and a bay come together,
Where ducks made jewels appear in the water
As they took off into the morning sun
Above the newly green grass of March.

We had only this day
So I had time with my friend to feel the rain
And the squish of mud, and to see the willow begin to bloom,
And the new skid marks in the beaver trail
No one else had ever seen.

We had only this day
So my friend and I laughed at a joke
And the amazing beauty of a day on the water
While no one else came out to get wet and muddy
And gather up the trash along the water’s edge
At high tide.

We laughed at being pirates, our loot being what others had lost.
With three almost new snow tires to our name, and three blue barrels, just slightly used—
Countless bottles of tequila and whiskey, and even a full can of beer
Still cold from lying in the mud.

We had only this day to experience a place near our homes,
To be friends together, and pirates, and to be the guests
Of the eagles, beavers, and ducks, as the tide
Began to turn, and the clouds blew away—
We had only this day
To make the best of our friendship.

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