Friday, January 16, 2009


Free, a change in habit, a new way of living.
The old: out the door, off the agenda, a fresh start.

Today, to be different, I am living differently—maybe just because.
A few old ways are finished, and today,
Just for today, I am doing something new.

A fresh path, and here I go, flapping my wings,
And being in charge of who I am and where I am going.
Its more than moving deck chairs on the Titanic,
It’s a new way of moving through this life, and I am Boss.

Oh, I’ll keep the stuff that’s working, the old reliables that I depend on.
It’s that other, tired, stuff, that really isn’t me anymore, that I’ve moved aside.
I want something new, something fresh.

The sun still comes up, each day is still an opportunity,
There are still plenty of challenges, problems to solve, places to go.
But today, I have new tools, a new perspective, a new risk to take,
And the path is a new road, a fresh adventure.

I like the new me, this new path, this new way of doing things.
Living my life, one day at a time, has taken on a new meaning.
It’s a fresh breeze blowing, smelling of new things to come,
Putting a tingle on my skin, a jump in my step,

After a while, I sense my renewal, in every part of my being,
The poisons from the old, tired, worn out ways, are leaving,
And the new me, the strength, the energy, is building.
Clean, fresh – in so many ways.

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Muse of South Prairie said...

You are getting good at endings.

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