Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poetry Concord, 2009

Poetry Concord, 2009

We are all poets here, in this room
listening as one after another of us
And, we look into each other’s hearts
as each word is shared, each phrase
taking us deeper and deeper into
another’s soul.

Some use rhyme, others metaphor---
baring chests, inviting me in
where few have been.

Courage and drama and excitement
all mix together, as the dances of words
moves along—
new territory.

No longer just people in a room on a blustery spring day,
people who choose to ignore the ocean and the beach fifty yards away
to spend our day focusing on words and alliterations
and souls opened wide by our listening
by them taking us into them, into their lives.

Hours later, the words still rumble
deep in my gut, bloodying my heart
their echoes bouncing and crashing
like the waves on the beach below.


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