Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts on September 1

Today, September 1. It is warm, sunny, and we are enjoying the fruits of our garden. We feast on the first corn of the season, cucumbers, blackberries, and, after a long absence during the summer, raspberries again.

It is a day much like September 1 was in 1939, 70 years ago. And, on that day, Germany invaded the Netherlands and Belgium, and World War II began. Tanks and bombers and the first of the millions of casualties of that war.

I ponder the peace, the early autumn light, the slight chill in the morning air, the apples ripening on the tree, and I sense the peace of the day.

Today, I am mindful of peace. And, I am mindful of the horrors and violence of war. And, I remember how that war changed the lives of my family and changed the world.

And, I pray for peace.
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