Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have resolved that I am a child of the universe, that I am of the essence of the universe.

That which others call God, and for which I have no real name, exists everywhere, and, of course, within me. I know that the essence of the Universe is magnificent and all wise and all knowing,and is, in fact, an aspect of Me.

My body is a temple, and I am filled with Spirit, the Universal life force and energy, and I thus interact and am present with all other aspects of the Universe, in harmony, in tune with all other beings and forces and energy.

And, I reject other, narrow, limiting ideas and values, as contrary to the ultimate wisdom of the Universe. For I am of the Universe. And as such, I am of course beautiful, and eternal, and wise and in tune with and in harmony with all other energies and forces of the Universe. My consciousness is in harmony with the Universe, and my life force is an aspect of the Universe.

I reject shame and guilt and feelings of unworthiness and uncleanliness, as those concepts are contrary to the will of the Universe and the Spirit. For the Spirit holds me as a child of the Universe, filled with love and harmony and beauty. My soul resonates with the Universe, vibrating and pulsing in harmony with everything.

All things are holy. All beings are holy. All ideas are holy. We are all aspects of the Universe.

There are some people and some ideas we may perceive as evil. Yet, in those beings and those ideas, there is also the energy of the Universe, and our path in existence is to explore those beings and ideas which may, in our mind, be shadows and darkness. It is our task to see the Light in such existences and concepts, and to shine upon those persons and ideas our own Universal Light, our love, and our sense of Oneness with All.

And in this work, we are somewhat limited by our nature as humans. Yet, those limitations may only be bounded by what we think are limits and boundaries. If we expand our consciousness and fully apply our Love within us, then our Light may illuminate the shadows and allow us to see the Universal energy and Love that is present.

We are only limited by what we believe are limits.

I rejoice in my body, as that is a gift of the Universal spirit.

I rejoice in my sexuality, as that is a gift of the Universal spirit.

I rejoice in my creativity, as that is a gift of the Universal spirit.

I am a healer. My task is to be in harmony with the Universe, to find resonance, to be in tune, to be fully aware of the vibrations of the Spirit, and to live accordingly.

And, when I am out of harmony with the Spirit, then I experience pain and shadow, and I am out of sync. In those moments, I need to retune, to reharmonize, to return to the spring waters of the Spirit, and drink deeply. I need to be at rest, in contemplation, and to breathe in the Spirit, and to be renewed.

I need to be with my brothers and sisters of the Universe, and to take in their love and their friendship and their humanity. I need to rejoice in all of that. I am of Community, I am an aspect of Community. I exist to be in Community.

My task is to find joy, to be in harmony, and to be a healer; a healer of not only others, but of myself. And healing is the work of Love, love of self, love of others, love of the Universe, and love of the Spirit. Love is infinite and has no bounds, and has no limits.

It is in the healing of myself that there is the biggest challenge. Going deep into my heart, and allowing the Universal energies of love and healing to penetrate to the core of my being, is the hardest work for me. I am often deceived by the short term ease of dwelling in hate, and prejudice and bigotry, and fear. Yet, when I follow that path, I am out of tune with the Universe and I am not heeding the Spirit that dwells within me, and is so easily accessed by my Spirit.

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