Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Change, Perhaps

Empty he was--
Filled only with loneliness, self-loathing
And wondering what life was all about.

He worked all the time, and smoked dope
When taking his son fishing on his weekend visit
Hoping, somehow, to bond with his son
Instead of the state trooper giving him a ticket.

His reputation at work is the man with six jobs—
Having no time for his best friend and coffee
He wonders why he hasn’t made love to his girlfriend yet
And she is moving in with him in two weeks
To parent his sons who are moving back with him
After the divorce, after the custody battle,
After they become adults.

No time to walk on the beach or enjoy the sunset,
Never had time to drink wine with his woman
And watch the sunset together, and instead
He just wonders why he is stressed out and
Getting sick all the time.

The emptiness is creeping up on him,
Robbing him of his energy, his yearning to live,
And he wonders if, perhaps, he needs to


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