Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Starting, Today

The Marine, fresh from Iraq,
Thirteen months, but he doesn’t speak about it today--
His wedding day, and his bride beams her joy
Holding flowers taken from the court clerk’s desk.

All the family gathered, sitting excitedly in the courtroom pews,
As the couple, shaking a bit, start the short ceremony,
And repeat the vows, and exchange rings.

Smiles all around, especially the Marine, when it comes time to
Kiss the bride, and start their marriage.
Their fingers tremble as they sign the papers, and open
Cards and gifts, amidst all the laughter and good cheer.

Their love fills the courtroom today, and rolls out into the hall—
Their enthusiasm for life and love and each other
Makes everyone smile, and want to dance.

Love came today, and was celebrated
By all who were there and all who saw them leave—
The Marine and his wife, floating off to begin their life

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