Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Being in Solitude

What is my relationship with solitude?

It is profound and deep. It is an integral part of my daily routine and my spiritual practice.

Our culture is filled with data, noise, mayhem and continual interaction. Yet, it is in silence that I engage my creativity, my strength, and my empathy to deal with others.

More importantly, I engage my essence, my true self. It is lonely, but with a positive connotation. I encounter my self, my energies, and a place where I access the energies of the Universe.

This communion does not depend upon a location, but rather is a state of mind, a state of being.

We are human beings, not human doings. So, I strive to “be”, not “do”, to be congruent with my own nature, my own essence.

Loneliness is not “bad”, not is it anti-social. Being in loneliness empowers me, allows me to be fully engaged, to be fully present with myself.

And, when I am so renewed and reconnected, it is then that I am more fully prepared to be in the presence of other beings, and to continue my work as a “being”.

I need time to contemplate, to fully absorb, to fully experience my feelings. And when I am not, I am disconnected with my self. It is when I am so disconnected that I become lonely. My loneliness is being apart from self.

In solitude, I am connected, I am nourished, and I am whole.

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