Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sacred Work

building, rising, higher
tighter, closer, hotter,

Moving toward, sensing
the tide, ebbing, flowing,
a bit of
time –
nothing else but us.

The room, quiet, fades away
and in this place
sacred work
to be done –
we talk, listen, dance
toward the topic of the day.

On we go, leaning, listening,
gesturing, faces lit
heads nodding; yes --- no.

questions, thought
pondering, wondering
silence, comfortable
and the energy moves on
like a wave, high – low
sometimes receding, sometimes
breaking into foam with a roar
then falling back, quiet, finished.

Before I can take a step
on the outside,
I have to take a step
on the inside.

Later, still present,
echoes remain,
as we move


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