Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Life

Home Life


Chop, chop
carrot and onion
broccoli and red pepper.

Chop, chop
rice cooking, too
its steam rising
mixing with garlic juice on my knife.

Chop, chop,
tossed into hot oil
sizzle, sizzle.

Mixing, stirring, and soon,
steam rising
garlic in my nose
running around the house,
dinner ready.


Snow in the hills, cold on my face
hood of the sweatshirt warm.

Feet on the ground, getting moving
coffee brewing, and warm house waits.

Stars out now, the storm gone,
more snow above me, sun an hour away.

Lambs asleep with their moms, horses against the fence
all silent now, awaiting the day.

Sliver moon hangs in the eastern sky
ready to be chased away by the sun.


Fret board slide
up and back, and again
two fingers apart, up, down
back and forth.

Other hand pluck,
pick, beat, pick
one, one, two now,
back to one.

Together, apart
each dancing anew
working toward

Again, and again,
the dance, learning new steps
guitar held close, now
part of me
and I, part of the

Neal Lemery 3/10/10

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