Friday, March 5, 2010

Small Things

Today, I enjoyed the small things in life. The wait at DMV, and watching a young man get his driver’s license, and seeing him smile at his dad.

The sunlight at the car wash, making a rainbow, and then I grabbed a two minute nap, while the machine washed my car, cleaning off the muck of winter while I daydreamed and was warm.

I enjoyed the chat with my barber, as he cut my hair just the way I like, without having to ask me. I caught up on his baby daughter, and how she has learned to love to run and tease her daddy about the remote control.

I chatted with the drive through bank teller, asking her about her day. She urged me to enjoy the weekend, and I realized, now having two weeks off, that it being Friday hadn’t really mattered much.

I gave the auto club guy a big grin, as he pulled up to jump start my car, and I really didn’t mind the wait. My errands could wait. I hadn’t driven for two weeks, and another hour really didn’t matter. One of the battery posts was covered with battery gunk, and he fixed it by pouring part of his Coke over it, and we watched it fizz. But, now my car runs, and I am happy for that, and for him being smart enough to share his Coke to start my car.

I had breakfast with two of my friends, and enjoyed our usual banter, and watching the dawn break over the hills. Even the not so good coffee tasted good. It always does when you are with friends.

I enjoyed watching the dogs romp in the field, as I did my treadmill work at the Y, watching the dogs and the newly planted grass growing taller in the early spring sunshine. I enjoyed the sweat running down my face and my back, feeling myself get stronger, and even upping my speed and the tension in the treadmill, challenging my heart just a bit more today.

I enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine slowly fade in the kitchen, as I sipped my wine and talked with my wife, as she made our dinner and we shared our day, a cat wanting a pet and an ear scratch, just a little bit of attention on a perfect day.

Neal Lemery, 3/5/10

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Moments of grace....

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